Month: February 2018

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There was none so handsome and appreciated like Absalom in whole of Israel- Absalom He was a person close to the heart of God- David Ramayana- Dhasarathan ruled Ayodhya and he had thousand wives. Rama, Laksman, Barathan and Sathruga were the four sons told about quite often. Raman was the crown prince but Kaikei wanted…
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Tiger Cave – Mahabalipuram and Throne of King Solomon

Our ancestors were captivated and taken to the parts of Iran and Iraq by the Assyrian king. These people migrated to the southern part of India through the Arabian sea and similarly certain people, reached the northern part of India through the Khyber Bolan Pass. When people migrated Babylonians, Assyrians and Moabites would have come…
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Mahabharata had taken place only in the year two thousand B.C and it was written down only in the year fourth century A.D. The stories said in this were known to people by the auditory manner, and so the poet had to add interesting scenarios so as to make the people to read. This poetry…
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